Citizens and Police Cooperating for Near Northeast and the H Street NE Corridor.

PSA 102 Blue: Ofc. Thomas


MPD Ofc. Thomas during the Feb. 13, 2007 monthly PSA 102 meeting at Sherwood Recreation Center. (Klavitter photo)


PSA 102 Blue: Ofc. Ridlehoover


During the Feb. 13, 2007 monthly PSA 102 meeting, MPD Ofc. Ridlehoover, who walks the H Street NE beat during the evenings, discusses recent crime issues. (Klavitter photo)


PSA 102 Blue: Ofc. Williams


MPD Ofc. Williams during the Feb. 13, 2007 monthly PSA 102 meeting. Williams covers the H Street NE beat during the day shift, and often can be seen covering the area on his patrol bicycle. (Klavitter photo)


Feb. 13 Montly Meeting Minues


PSA 102 Meeting
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
7-8:30 p.m.
Sherwood Recreation Center

PSA OFFICIALS ATTENDING (in addition to 16 PSA residents):
Lt. Hawkins
Sgt. Washington
MPO. Johnson
Ofc. Ridlehoover
Ofc. Oliva
Ofc. Delucca
Ofc. Thermidor
Ofc. Williams
Ofc. Thomas
David Klavitter (PSA 102 Citizen Co-Coordinator)

*** Introduction of new PSA 102 Lt. Barbara Hawkins, other officers and community members

*** Shared information on the MPD First District Listserv as a good resource for posting and receiving timely information about neighborhood safety and crime issues:
First District listserv:

*** Discussed PSA 102 program developments for 2007, including:
- Neighborhood block captains, who can serve as communication points for blocks throughout PSA.
- More effective us of Partnership for Problem Solving process.
- Lt. Hawkins discussed the process of: 1) identifying potential problems, 2) voting on priority projects and 3) as a community, focus on fixing that problem until it is completely resolved.
- Further discussion of the PSP will be continued at the next meeting.

*** Citizen Police Academy
- Lt. Hawkins described the Academy as a six week (one hour/week) training session in which a minimum of 10-15 people would be trained to better understand why and how MPD officers operate.
- Lt. Hawkins invited the PSA 102 meeting attendees to organize a group interested in participating in the Academy.

*** Meet and greets and distribution of safety information at foot traffic points (Metrorail stations/ Metrobus stops)
- Police and community members discussed distributing brochures/flyers to educate community members on the “Top 10 ways to avoid becoming a victim of crime”
- Community members encouraged representatives to remember New York Avenue Metro in addition to Union Station.

*** Reviewed January crime statistics
- All crimes are in a downward trend except burglaries, theft from auto and auto theft.
- PSA 102 has currently in operation a special task force (plainclothes, etc) to curb the trend. Complete D.C. crime maps can be accessed online at:
- Police encourage citizens to keep homes, front and back yards less inviting to strangers by:
- Keeping porch lights on or use motion lights
- Requesting the District to cut tree branches/shrubbery away from street lights
- Calling 3-1-1 if you see suspicious activity/trespassing. If a crime is in progress, call 9-1-1 and identify as many details about the suspect as possible (scars, voice, teeth, etc.)
- Get to know your neighbors and watch out for each other

*** Discussed community interests:
- Pickford Place NE – recent spike in crimes (armed robbery, prostitution, stolen car, etc.)
* Police repeated the recommendations listed above.
* Community discussed Multi-Agency Plan drafted by ANC 6A Commissioner Joe Fengler.
* Citizens have recently experienced firewood salesmen coming to the doors. Police encouraged citizens to NOT open the door.

- February 1 homicide at H and 10th ST NE
* Police reported this was the first homicide in the area in approximately two years
* While the case is still open and the police cannot discuss thoroughly, Officer Johnson assured citizens that the situation was not random and that there exists no public safety concerns related to this.

- Double parking at area churches on Sundays
* Citizen identified this as a health and safety issue, inquiring why cars are not ticketed.
* Lt. Hawkins indicated that this issue was a long-term challenge for the District and that it may be a good topic for the Partnership for Problem Solving.

- Gallaudet University
* Citizen raised concern over lack of officers that are proficient in Sign Language
* The group discussed options for training existing police officers and identifying the resources (within MPD) to enable them to do so.

*** Develop ideas for greater participation in monthly PSA 102 meetings:
- Citizens Academy information
- Block captain organization
*** Procure MPD public safety flyers to distribute to pedestrians
- Locations: 1) Union Station near D, E, and F Streets NE; 2) neighborhoods near New York Avenue Metro Station; 3) People walking home from busy bus stops along H St NE; 4) Distribute to all businesses in PSA;
*** Review Pickford Place NE Multi-Agency Plan;
*** Find additional people or funding for Sign Language.

PSA 102 Blue: Lt. Hawkins


Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) PSA 102 Lt. Hawkins talks with a resident during the Feb. 13, 2007 monthly PSA 102 meeting at Sherwood Recreation Center. (Klavitter photo)


Thefts from Auto and Auto Thefts Trend Upward in PSA 102


During monthly Police Service Area (PSA) 102 meetings, we track, over a two year period, crimes in several catagories reported to MPD each month. These catgories include: homicide, sexual assault, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, theft, theft from auto, and stolen auto (drug crimes are not yet factored in by MPD).

In PSA 102 (which includes H Street NE) during the two-year period ending Jan. 31, statistics show a downward trend in homicides, robberies, burglaries, assaults with deadly weapon, and thefts.

However, the two catagories with steep upward trends: thefts from auto and auto thefts.

Community Police Meeting is Feb. 13


QUICK QUESTION: In which Police Service Area (PSA) do I reside?

ANSWER: The PSA 102 boundaries are (clockwise) the railroad tracks at Union Station, Florida Ave NE, Maryland Ave NE, 9th St, East Capitol St, 2nd St, Massachusetts Ave, and Columbus Circle. See the MPD website and map to determine your PSA.

WHAT: Police Service Area (PSA) 102 monthly meeting
WHEN: Feb. 13 (2nd Tuesday of each month)
TIME: 7-8:30 p.m.
WHERE: Sherwood Recreation Center, 640 10th St NE

* Welcome; greetings [5 minutes]

* Meet new PSA 102 Lt. Barbara Hawkins; other PSA 102 officers [10 minutes]

* PSA 102 program developments for 2007 [15 minutes]:
- Establish neighborhood block captains
- More effective use of Partnership for Problem Solving Process
- Launch Citizen Police Academy
- Meet and greet, public safety information distribution at high foot traffic points
- Coordination with community on H Street nuisance crimes

* Proposed moratorium of single alcohol container sales on H Street NE; anti-litter campaign [10 minutes]
- ANC6C Commissioner Alan Kimber

* Summary of Feb. 3 First District Crime Summit [5 minutes]

* Review January crime statistics; police plan in response to increased burglaries [10 minutes]

* Issues discussion [25 minutes]:
- Pickford Place NE;
- Jan. 31 police chase and subsequent suspect apprehension by S.W.A.T.
- Feb. 1 homicide at H and 10th St NE
- Traffic sign on 2nd & F St NE
- New hotspots?

**** PSA 102 meetings enable residents and police to discuss, identify and take action against crime and other quality of life issues in the community. The meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at the Sherwood Recreation Center, 10th and G Streets NE. 7-8:30 p.m. Tell your friends and neighbors! ****

FOR INFORMATION ABOUT PSA 102, photos, crime maps and more go to

David Klavitter
Volunteer PSA 102 Citizen Coordinator

Lt. Barbara Hawkins
Metropolitan Police Dept.

With the retirement of Lt. Sharon McInnis from MPD in December, Lt. Barbara Hawkins has been assigned to PSA 102. She comes to the PSA from MPD's school security division.

On Thursday evening, Lt. Hawkins and I met for several hours to discuss PSA 102 issues and objectives for 2007. We walked H Street, met Kenfe Bellay at Sidamo Coffee, Clifton Humphries at the H Street Martini Lounge, and Shawn at the Argonaut. Lt. Hawkins has some terrific ideas and a ton of energy. Meet her and other MPD officers at the Feb. 13 PSA 102 meeting.

Also, I'm bummed to say that career obligations have moved my co-coordinator, Marc Lesnick, to San Diego, Calif. His dedication to the community will be missed. Also, MPD Community Outreach Coordinator Alphonso Coles has moved to new opportunities.

Thanks to Lt. McInnis, Marc, and Alphonso for their service and dedication.

Dave Klavitter

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