Citizens and Police Cooperating for Near Northeast and the H Street NE Corridor.

Meeting Minutes: Feb. 14, 2006


Police Service Area (PSA) 102 Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, February 14, 2006
7-8:30 p.m.
Sherwood Recreation Center, 10 and G Streets NE


Inspector Andy Solberg (MPD)
Capt. Jeff Brown – new PSA 102 Captain
Lt. Sharon Mcinnis – new PSA102 LT
Sgt. Gwen Mapp
Alphonso Coles (Community Outreach Coordinator)
David Klavitter (PSA 102 Citizen Co-Coordinator)
Marc Lesnick (PSA 102 Citizen Co-Coordinator)
Other Community Members, Media representatives and MPD Officers


* PARTNERHSIP FOR PROBLEM SOLVING (PPS) training was provided to
citizen coordinators, David Klavitter and Marc Lesnick. This
training will be used in the March meeting to address a selected
community issue.

* NUMBER OF OFFICERS ASSIGNED TO PSA 102 stand at about 45 officers,
according to Inspector Solberg. There are 48 assigned to the First
District (1D) powershift, which means that more than 45 officers are
assigned as needed to deal with specific issues in 1D.

>>> MINUTES <<<

* WELCOME new First District Capt. Jeff Brown (PSAs 102 & 104) and
new PSA 102 Lt. Sharon Mcinnis.

* CRIME STATISTICS for January 2006 reviewed.

* BURGLARIES ARE UP IN PSA 102, and Inspector Solberg suggested that
residents remain vigilant, and look out for a pick-up or cargo van
in alleys that might be involved with these burglaries. MPD suggests
residents call 311 anytime they spot an unfamiliar truck or van
lurking in the alleys. Also don't hesitate to report unfamiliar
persons coming or going into properties.

The burglars are getting in through roofs, hidden windows, and
realtor locks on empty houses to take items and appliances. He wants
to remind all home-owners and contractor to secure all tools and
ladders at all times. Install motion detector lights outside or
leave outside lights on.

* THE MAN who had recently been knocking on doors late at night
asking for help re: broken key or other excuses was apprehended but
was not charged. On arrest, the subject was found to be armed with a
knife. The PSA coordinators urge all residents to be wary of people
knocking on their doors at night for assistance, and telephone 311
or 911 as appropriate.

* H STREET FOOTBEATS will increase. Currently, a dayshift footbeat
(Ofc. A. Williams) happens from 6:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. Part of this
officer's job is to communicate with H Street merchants. Capt. Brown
said, starting this month, PSA 102 will add an evening footbeat to H
Street with two officers. The shift will run from 2:30-11 p.m.

* MORE PARTICIPATION IN PSA 102 MEETINGS was discussed, as well how
to get the message about the PSA meeting out to the non-wired
- Dave and Marc will walk the PSA with Alphonso to hand out
flyers in person;
- Dave and Marc will start talking to local business owners to
see if they would be willing to keep flyers in their establishments.

* MAPS WITH CRIME STATISTICS are being sought from MPD to post at
local businesses as well, to alert the community to increases in
crime, and make them aware of the crimes that affect their local

* PSA 102 NEWSLETTER idea was explored to reach those without
Internet access. Would include meeting times for all local groups,
local initiatives to aid in criminal situations, monthly safety
tips, etc. This was tabled for future discussion.

* GUEST SPEAKER Another suggestion from the group was to try to get
in house a community prosecutor, to describe the process for
choosing who gets papered and who doesn't.

ACTION ITEM: Marc will follow up to arrange for a prosecutor
to come to the March or April meeting.

* METRO TRANSIT POLICE DEPT. has jurisdiction over some of the heavily-used bus stops along H Street. Suggestion was made by MPD that citizens need to contact Metro Police to encourage better enforcement at bus stops throughout the PSA, especially the corner
of 8th and H, which generates a large number of MPD calls daily.

ACTION ITEM: Marc will call Metro Police and see if they can
attend the March or April meeting to hear the community's concerns.
Dave will bring issue up at the Feb. 15 ANC6A Public Safety Meeting.


develop action plans to an achievable goal that would get strong
community support.

* ASSESS BURGLARY SITUATION, to see if arrests have been made or
stats show frequency decreasing.

* GET COMMUNITY PROSECUTOR or Metro Transit Police to speak to the

* THE NEXT PSA 102 MEETING is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14, 7-
8:30 p.m. at Sherwood Rec Center, 10th and G Streets NE.

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