Citizens and Police Cooperating for Near Northeast and the H Street NE Corridor.

January PSA 102 Meeting Notes


PSA 102 Meeting
Tuesday, January 8, 2008
7-8:30 p.m.
Sherwood Recreation Center

Special thanks to ANC6C Commissioner Anne Phelps for recording minutes.


WELCOME – Outgoing PSA 102 citizen coordinator Dave Klavitter introduced Brandon Bies and Bobby Pittman as the new co-coordinators.

Bies is a Morton Place NE resident and current PSA 102 block captain. He leads the community safety walk north of H Street NE. His email address is

Pittman is a Linden Place NE resident, serves on the Sherwood Recreation Center Advisory Council and directs the Linden Neighborhood Association. His email address is

The January meeting represents Lt. Barbara Hawkins one-year anniversary of leading PSA 102 officers.

In total, 45 officers are assigned to PSA 102: 10 on the midnight shift; 13 on day shift; and 22 on evenings.

CRIME STATS: Volunteer, Roger Mattioli said the MPD online mapping system was down for technical updates. He indicated his most recent reports indicate 29 burglaries in December--about 65% happened during the first two weeks of the month. Additional crime stats are availalbe on MPD's website.

Lt. Hawkins reported a continuing trend of muggings in which perpetrators approach a distracted pedestrian (listening to headphones, on cell phone) from behind or the side and demanding money. It's happening most frequently during the evenings, Monday through Thursday.

Other main concern is thefts from automobiles, which continue to plague Capitol Hill and the city. Place ALL valuables, stereos, GPS units out of sight.

BURGLARY ARRESTS AND RELEASES: Sgt. Richard Ehrlich is back in PSA 102 after training under a federal grant and has taught at the police academy.

Eight big (Big Eight) arrests in PSA 102 through the PSA 102 Burglary Tactical Team. Five undercover officers look for burglars in the PSA hot spots. This team captured Vasser, who has a long rap sheet for burglaries across the U.S. and Canada. Chief awarding two officers in this arrest.

Out of the eight arrests, MPD was able to close 60 burglaries, of which all but 11 ocurred in PSA 102. Some cases go back to 2006. Two new arrests may reveal others.

A separate arrest occurred outside the tac team when a fingerprint was matched to a November burglary. Approximately 20-25 fingerprint requests out for the "Big Eight" arrests, since the print processing is behind.

A Burglary 1 (B1) is a burglary that occurs in an occupied house (someone is home at the time of the burglary).
A Burglary 2 (B2) is a burglary that occurs in an unoccupied house (nobody home at the time of burglary).

Many burglars are released back into the community pending court dates, etc. Many factors go into a judge's decision to release a suspect, but burglaries, while felonies, are low on the "public threat" barometer because they are property crimes, according to Sgt. Ehrlich. Community members can band together to make community impact statements about suspects who are released pending court dates.

Community impact statements can help inform judges about the community's concerns, according to U.S. Attorney's Office representative Carolyn Crank.

CURRENT PSA 102 HOT SPOTS, according to Lt. Barbara Hawkins. Every officer has a list of these and patrols not on assignment routinely check them out.
1100 H St NE, evenings and midnight (loud Gallaudet students)
1000 6th St NE
J.O. Wilson playground
Double-parking on H St (800-1300 blocks)
1300 block of Wylie (drug activity)
600 block of 10th St NE (aggressive teens)
900 block of Kent Place
200 block of K St (drugs)
1100 block of Abbey (gambling)
400-500 block of I St (drugs)
1200 block of Linden (people lurking on vacant property)
600 block of Orleans Pl (drugs)
600 block of Pickford Pl
700 block of K St.

When drugs issues are discussed at PSA meeting, cannot disclose address because most likely undercover officers are operating, according to Lt. Hawkins.

NEW REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER now living in the 500 block of K St NE.
Released on 12/19/2007. His name is Osbey B Crider, Jr. Twenty-five registered sex offenders currently live in PSA 102. Learn more online here.


Gun Tip Line: 1-800-486-8477 (GUNTIPS)
Crime Solvers: 1-800-673-2777 (DC-MD-VA)
Tourist Line: 1-877-968-9282
In process of getting gang tip line.

BREAK OUT SESSION – residents meet with MPD officers

ADJOURNED at 8:35 p.m. Next meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 12.

'Big 8' Burglary Arrestees


Eight big (Big Eight) arrests in PSA 102 through the PSA 102 Burglary Tactical Team. A Burglary 1 (B1) is a burglary that occurs in an occupied house (someone is home at the time of the burglary). A Burglary 2 (B2) is a burglary that occurs in an unoccupied house (nobody home at the time of burglary).

JamesEdwardRoyJames Edward Roy, 50. Arrested 5/11/07 500 block “I” St, NE Burglary 2, released. Arrested 6/23/07 800 block Maryland Ave, NE, Receiving Stolen Property. Currently held. (As of 1/8/08; provided by MPD)

ChristopherLamontCarpenterChristopher Lamont Carpenter, 43. Arrested 06/28/2007 900 block 8th St, NE Attempt Burglary 2. Released. History of burglaries from 1995. Confined until August 2009 on a parole violation. (As of 1/8/08; provided by MPD)

AntonioEllisJacksonAntonio Ellis Jackson, 37. Arrested 09/09/2007 Unit block 10th St, NE Burglary 1. Released, court this month. (As of 1/8/08; provided by MPD)

RalphGReidRalph G. Reid, 50. Arrested 10/27/2007 800 block Florida Ave, NE Burglary 2. Arrested 11/27/2007 1300 block Childress St, NE Burglary 2. Held. (As of 1/8/08; provided by MPD)

JohnThomasHoltJohn Thomas Holt, 53. Arrested 12/05/2007 (occurred 10/17/2007) 1100 block 6th St, NE Burglary 2. Arrested 12/20/2007 10th & F St, NE Possession of Heroin. Released. Court this month. (As of 1/8/08; provided by MPD)

KeithWalterVasserKeith Walter Vasser, 45. Arrested 12/18/2007 400 block 10th St, NE Burglary 2. Held. Long history from around the US, including burglaries. (As of 1/8/08; provided by MPD)

ThavornHartThavorn Hart, 39. Arrested 12/07/2007 1300 Block I St, NE Burglary 2. Arrested 12/24/2007 1600 Meigs Pl, NE Armed Robbery. Held. History including robberies and burglaries. Court October 2008. (As of 1/8/08; provided by MPD)

NO PHOTO: Jerome Wilkins, 39. Arrested 10/17/2007 200 block Constitution Ave, NE Burglary 2. In halfway house, court this month. Arrested in 2000 for a Burglary 2. (As of 1/8/08; provided by MPD)

Metropolitan Police Department Ofc. K. Fersner during the Oct. 9, 2007 PSA 102 meeting. (Photo Copyright © 2007. David Klavitter)


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