Citizens and Police Cooperating for Near Northeast and the H Street NE Corridor.

June 13 Meeting to Focus on H Street Priorities


WHAT: Police Service Area (PSA) 102 monthly meeting
WHEN: June 13 (2nd Tuesday of each month)
TIME: 7-8:30 p.m.
WHERE: Sherwood Recreation Center, 640 10th St NE


* Begin using the Partnership for Problem Solving process to identify and address the challenges to public safety on H St:

On June 1st, a core group of stakeholders (residents, police, business owners and city services) met to begin developing an integrated plan to address safety and quality of life issues on the entire H street corridor. This first meeting included:

MPD Assistant Chief Brian Jordan
1D Commander Diane Groomes
Mark Dixon from ANC 6C
Joseph Fengler from ANC 6A
Anwar Saleem, Chairman of H St. Main Street
Hiram Brewton from the Downtown BID
Other community, police and business stakeholders.

All agreed that that an integrated plan is needed to address the public safety issues that effect all residents and business on the H st. corridor. Further, all agreed that the PSA meeting is a good place to begin to develop this plan.

Therefore, the PSA meeting in June will be the first opportunity for feedback from the community on the issues they would like to focus our combined efforts towards improving. These issues might include:

* Alleys or streets with poor lighting that encourage illegal activities
* Thefts from vehicles
* Robberies
* Safety at bus stops
* Littering and overflowing receptacles
* Damaged storefronts that encourage loitering
* Public drinking and intoxication
* Drug dealing
* Public urination and defecation

Addressing any of these problems will not be easy, but the only chance for fixing them is for all of the stakeholders to work together to create a multifaceted solution.

Please come prepared to discuss the problems YOU see on H St., and ready to have productive discussions about using the resources of the city and the community to help improve these problems, for the benefit of all.

For this first meeting, we will try to focus on the issues facing the corner of 8th and H Street, and try to use the strategies we identity for this area to address the problems east and west down H St.

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