Citizens and Police Cooperating for Near Northeast and the H Street NE Corridor.

March PSA 102 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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PSA 102 Public Safety Meeting



Sherwood Recreation Center

Presiding: PSA Commander Lieutenant Barbara Hawkins

Citizen Co-Coordinators:

Brandon Bies
Bobby Pittman


I. Introductions 2 min

II. Old Business 30min

a. Review of Last Month’s Minutes

b. Month’s Accomplishments

c. Crime Report/ Statistics-Roger Mattoli

d. Follow up on specific crime issues???

III. New Business 15min

IV. Special Guest –

V. Questions 20min

VI. Announcements 3min

VII. Adjournment 8:30pm

PSA 102 Meeting Minutes

PSA 102 Meeting
Tuesday, 11 March 2008
7:00pm-8:30 p.m.
Sherwood Recreation Center

640 Tenth Street, N.E.

Abbreviated MINUTES – available online

WELCOME –PSA 102 citizen co-coordinator Brandon Bies brought the meeting to order at 7:20pm. After a round of introductions

February Accomplishments

Lieutenant Hawkins began with the follow up of a citizen complaint on an assault around 7th and J Streets, N.E. several months ago. The complaint to the PSA is that there had been no follow-up from police or detectives. The core of the discussion is centered on the victim not being able to identify the assailant(s) without that it is difficult for a detective to be able to put together a case.

Second issue is a follow-up on Gallaudet University (GU) student issues north of H Street. Officer Myra Jordan made several visits to the house where there were complaints. Lieutenant Hawkins stated that she wanted to get on top of high nuisance and crime issues now prior to the spring and summer months. The 1100 block of 8th Street is one of the primary blocks that students live on. Whenever the police have an encounter with Gallaudet students an incident report is generated and given to GU Security.


17 year old arrested for burglary in the 1100 block of Eye Street, NE

Arrest from Theft from Auto 1100 Block of 5th Street, NE

Arrest at 518 9th Street, NE

400 Block of H Street, NE complaints of Go-Go and teenagers – issues being addressed

71 arrests between September and January from Narcotics and Special Investigations Division in PSA 102. 5 were possession to distribute cocaine

600 block of 11th Street types of drug sold there is cocaine

1000 block of K Street cocaine

400 block of K Street Cannabis

Sex Offenders

Out of 88 in 1D only 19 of those live in PSA 102’s area???


Of those 5 were reclassified to Theft. Sometimes the initial report will be modified when the detective reviews the scene and report.

Crime Report

a. Crime Report/ Statistics-Roger Mattioli - on travel statistics are available online

b. Follow up on specific crime issues – done –one-on-one

c. Community Questions

Special Guest – Detectives: Issues How Cases are handled once an investigation is in effect and what to do if you are not contacted after a crime

Gallaudet University Student issues: MPD Officer Myra Jordan of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Unit and the Director, Gallaudet Security will give advice to residents.

Brandon indicated that he sees an improvement with students in his immediate neighborhood with regards to how they conduct themselves. Pittman wanted to know if campus security responded to complaints off campus and if students were encouraged to get involved in neighborhood activities?

Gallaudet is more than just a university, there is an elementary school, art school, and yes students are encouraged to get involved in the community. Campus police are SPO’s (Special Police Officers) which gives them the same powers of police but they do not carry firearms as a result of university policy. Communication is different when dealing with the hearing impaired community and the focus is different. There is an initiative in the Florida Avenue Market area to engaged Gallaudet students in the redevelopment of that area.

The Lieutenant stated that a PSA 102 initiative will be to get more 102 officers trained in the use of Sign language. It was brought out that call 7-1-1 is a free call and will allow you to come online with the language interpreter.

Commissioner Raphael Marshal ANC6A01 stepped in to commend PSA 102 for its great work in cleaning up the neighborhoods and wanted to let police officers know that if they needed his support against any complaint filed personally against the officer he would be happy to write a note to support them.

An additional discussion ensued with the detective about what happens after the police officers submit their reports? The detective stated each detective has so many cases that it could be more than a month before you hear from a detective. He also said if you don’t hear from a detective it’s because they don’t have any leads on the case. Pittman asked if there were any standards for MPD detective workload? The response was that a detective works 20 days per month with a standard case load of 40 cases per month. He has almost 70 cases right now with 16 of those being burglaries for this month alone and it is only the 11th day of March. A detective is responsible for entering data in multiple databases and checking monitoring systems including pawn shops and online stores like E-bay. E-bay does not require proof of ownership. The Lieutenant stated that anytime anyone is released from custody that CSOSA will notify PSA 102 when the person released was involved in a burglary, theft from auto etc.

A representative of Wylie Court was concerned about activity behind H Street in the 1300 block on the north side and what police were doing about it? Police informed her that an Operation Fight-Back has just occurred in that location by the church with abandoned vehicles being moved and the property owner being contacted. The Wylie representative wants the police to patrol Wylie Court and the church area more and address the drug problem in the area. She wants the church to do their part in keeping the area and parking lot clean and not allowing people to sleep or use drugs there.

The Wylie representative said that over the years residents have complained about the church and the way they keep their property. Resident will send a letter to the main church and they will then clean it up and after time will allow it to build up again and again. She wants to see a regular maintenance schedule for that area. She also said that even though the church has a parking lot that the parishioners do not use their own parking lot. They instead park on the public streets which creates additional parking congestion for the neighbors including the businesses. Both Master Patrol Officers present vehemently stated that the police do patrol that area frequently and cited arrests (including one arrest where an individual was charged with piracy and a street mechanic which took 3 years of hard work to get off the streets) and other interventions in Wylie Court.

Based on the comments, Pittman suggested that the minutes and notes on this issued be forwarded to Hiram Brewton in the Mayor’s office for a maintenance schedule. The Lieutenant added that it would become a Special Attention item for patrol officers.




Who Should Be Our Special Guest Speakers?

Commissioner Ryan Velasco ANC 6C07 indicated that he wants us to assist him with better relationships with the US Capitol Police. The Lieutenant also indicated that we need to have Metro Transit Police come and update the community on patrols of the X2, D4, B2 and 90 lines. Commissioner Velasco is very concerned about tour buses and how the USCP ignore local laws and regulations, including the lack of communication with local residents and officials.

Take note – Robbery is increasing on H Street


Gun Tip Line: 1-800-486-8477 (GUNTIPS)
Crime Solvers: 1-800-673-2777 (DC-MD-VA)
Tourist Line: 1-877-968-9282
In process of getting gang tip line.

BREAK OUT SESSION – residents meet with MPD officers

ADJOURNED at 8:55 p.m.

Next meeting is Tuesday 8 April 2008.

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