Citizens and Police Cooperating for Near Northeast and the H Street NE Corridor.

Weekend Robbery Spree in First District (May 18-20)



MPD First District Commander Diane Groomes reports several robberies occurred during the weekend. "We did have 15 robberies--four were closed out with arrests (the spree of 5 we had two weeks ago in PSA 107 were closed last week with two arrests of juveniles that lived on Bay St -also fyi)," according to Groomes.

Friday - May 18th

400 16th St NE at 0155 hours - two males walking home in blk were approached by group of young b/m who shouted out MS13, MS13 and struck the two victims in the head with 2 x 4s and took their wallets

1005 1st NE (greyhound bus station) at 1825 hours - male subject snatched 500 dollars out of cash register and ran through bldg - he was apprehended by MPD and placed under arrest for Robbery Snatch

7th and M ST SE at 2214 hours - female citizen walking on M ST Se was approached by male subject in his thirties who grabbed her purse - dragged her and then fled on foot - suspect dropped purse - recovered in 1100 blk of 7th St SE

600 Constitution AVe Ne at 2200 hours- male subject was approached by male subject (no lookout) who knocked him down and dragged him alley and took cellphone and wallet

Saturday - May 19th

400 L ST Ne at 0121 hours - male citizen was approached by three b/m (17-20 yrs old) and they demanded his money - he refused and they jumped him and went through his pockets and took money -- they fled West on L ST NE

51 N ST Ne at 0945 hour- male citizen was approached by two males in burgundy Ford Focus who approached him at gunpoint demanding his money -- he gave up money - police were called and stopped car in 600 blk of 3rd ST NE (got listserv question on this) - subjects placed under arrest for ARMED robbery

600 E ST NE at 1230 hours - female citizen had b/m in his twenties approached and grab her purse - he then fled East on E ST

1400 G ST SE at 1425 hours - male citizen reported that three b/m youth (12-16 yrs old) jumped him and took his money - they fled towards Kentucky Avenue

300 17th St NE at 2253 hours - female citizen reports two b/m about 16-17 yrs old approached at gunpoint and demanded her purse and cellphone - they threatened to shoot her if she didnt comply - they then fled onto East Capital St towards the Armory metro

**1200 East Capital St SE at 2330 hours - female citizen was approached by three males at gunpoint who jumped out of silver 4door car and robbed her of 20 dollars -they jumped back in car and fled sb on 12th to Independence Ave

**1600 Massachusetts Ave SE at 2339 hours- female citizen reports being approached by three males at gunpoint who pulled gun and demanded her purse and money -they then fled in silver 4d car with white tint and fled sb on 17th ST to Independence AVe

Sunday May 20th

**1200 G St SE at 0110 hours - a couple walking past the park at 1300 G ST SE rea reported three males approached at gunpoint and put gun to males head and told female to give up some money or they would shoot male - she gave up money and the suspects jumped into silver car that was parked in 1200 G st se

900 N Carolina Ave SE at 1505 hours - female citizen reports black male in his thirties snatched her purse from shoulder and fled in car that was parked (unk description per citizen???)

815 F St NE at 1840 hours - male citizens was jumped by three young males who was taking his money when neighbors intervened and called Mpd who responded and apprehended one fleeing youth --arrest was made in 900 G ST NE

500 14th ST SE at 1920 hours - female citizen was approached by another young female who beat her in the face and took wallet and ran down the street - officers responded and located the female suspect and placed her under arrest for robbery

PSA 102 Meeting Minutes May 8th 2007


(Thank you to Pickford St NE residents Dave Lawder and Claudia McNamara for providing the May 8th meeting minutes.)

* Note: PSA 102 Citizen Coordinator Dave Klavitter requested official meeting minutes be recorded by a volunteer and those official notes will appear on the PSA 102 Blog:

* PSA 102 Email network may be accessed at

* MPD First District news of recent crimes and responses to questions from the public may be accessed at the First District Listserv

* PSA 102 Citizen Coordinator Dave Klavitter may be contacted personally at 202.547-5745 or

* The next PSA 102 Meeting is June 12 at 7 p.m. at Sherwood Community Center located at 10th & G St NE. Subsequent meetings are the second Tuesday of each month.

This meeting had a pretty big turnout. More than 17 residents of PSA 102 and approximately 8 MPD officers attended the meeting in addition to Lt. Barbara Hawkins and ANC Commissioners Raphael Marshall (6A) and Anne Phelps (6C). Hiram Brewton II, Mayor Fenty's Ward 6 Neighborhood Services Coordinator also attended the meeting as well as Carolyn Crank from the U.S. Attorneys Office (First District rep) who joins in on certain patrols and major operations such as drug busts. (DOJ handles prosecution duties in D.C.'s federally run courts system)

Overall, crime is down in PSA 102, with 73 crimes logged in April versus about 118 in April 2006. The big drop was in car thefts, down to 6 from 37 last year. But there was an increase in thefts and burglaries. There have been a lot of break-ins involving houses under renovation. In many cases, the owners have left the property unsecured and the thieves have simply entered unimpeded to steal tools and construction materials. Lt. Hawkins' advice was to make sure your property is secure. Lock everything up when you are not around; don't make it easy for people. She cautioned all residents to be aware of their surroundings and crime. The most recent crime reports may be accessed at the links listed at the top of this email.

Lt. Hawkins said there have been a couple of bike patrols started up recently in the area and has plans to request more of these. We've seen some of them riding through alleys on Pickford. She also plans to launch a motor scooter patrol in the next month that would go up and down F Street from about 2nd Street all the way to Pickford, then circle back on G Street. She emphasized that the police want to make their presence known and "get in the faces" of drug dealers and would-be thieves. If they're hanging around looking like they're up to no good, they can expect the cops to come up to them asking questions like "what are you doing here, what's your name, where do you live?"

The bike patrols also are part of a PSA 102 action plan to address several recent burglaries--all details not appropriate to disclose at this time.

When residents do call the MPD at either 911 or 311, clear, accurate and detailed information is required. Details of personal or physical appearance, mode of transport and car tag number are best. Lt. Hawkins also suggested that residents notice and record details of the shoes worn by alleged suspect, because these are not usually changed following a crime.

Lt. Hawkins also asked that residents email the MPD in addition to their neighbors during/after noticing an incident or person of interest.

Regarding graffiti near 3rd/H NE and 4th/G NE, the gang intelligence unit will research and determine if District graffiti is the work of taggers or "graffiti artists", or by alleged gang members. Residents should call 911 if they observe person/s actively creating graffiti. Residents who would like to request that graffiti be cleaned or removed should contact the Mayor's hotline 202.727.1000 and record the tracking number.

Dr. Richard Lytle of Gallaudet University was unavailable and ANC6C Commissioner Anne Phelps attended the meeting in his place to announce that Gallaudet has recently enacted a Code of Conduct applicable to off-campus students This Code of Conduct is identical to that of students who reside on-campus and is meant to create improved, pro-active relations between students who live off-campus and their PSA 102 non-student neighbors. This off-campus code is similar to the practices followed by other universities in DC, such as Georgetown, Howard, American and GWU. Commissioner Anne Phelps will liaise with Dr. Lytle to add an e-link of the Code of Conduct to the PSA 102 website. American Sign Language interpreters were available during the meeting.
Learn more about the code here:

MPD Officers Myra Jordan and Goldie Easterlin represent the MPD's Hard of Hearing Unit.

Lt. Hawkins has suggested the formation of a Citizens Academy that would provide instruction and insights to the workings of the MPD so that resident citizens are better informed of procedures, appropriate responses and follow-through, as well as deciphering common acronyms used by members of the MPD. The Citizen Academy also fosters understanding of the MPD by resident citizens. Dave Klavitter and Lt. Hawkins will forward a survey to interested residents who contact them at the email address provided at the top of this email.

MPD PSA 102 flyers will be distributed at five locations in PSA 102. Distribution date to be announced. The five locations are: 8th/H Street NE; 14th/H St NE; 10th/K NE; Union Station/2nd Mass NE; New York Avenue Metro station. Please contact Dave Klavitter at the email provided above if you would like to participate.

This is an opportunity to meet fellow residents, foster cooperation with the MPD and to provide pertinent information to neighbors. Distribution will be assigned in one-hour shifts.

Approximately 20 residents participated in the April 19th Walk organized in response to the alleged sexual assault near the Checkers restaurant at 14th/Maryland NE. Lt. Hawkins said this case is still open and progress is being made.

A registered sex offender will take residence in PSA 102 and will join 27 other registered offenders in the Police Service Area; there are 682 registered sex offenders living in The District. A flyer with photograph and description of this individual was available at the meeting.

Gallaudet Rep's May 8 Appearance to be Rescheduled


Dr. Richard Lytle, special assistant to the president of Gallaudet University, who was scheduled to address the school’s recently changed policy for off-campus student behavior, had to cancel his appearance at the PSA 102 May 8 meeting.

He said he would reschedule his appearance.

The Metropolitan Police Dept. has released video camera images of the SUV that struck and killed 6-year-old Crysta Spencer as she was crossing the 6th Street NE on April 23. MPD has offered a reward of up to $10,000 for information about the driver.

Visit MPD's website for images and a description of the vehicle and its supsected route of travel.

Monthly Community Police Meeting is May 8


WHAT: Police Service Area (PSA) 102 monthly meeting
WHEN: May 8 (2nd Tuesday of each month)
TIME: 7-8:30 p.m.
WHERE: Sherwood Recreation Center, 640 10th St NE

* Welcome and agenda overview; greetings [5 minutes]

* Review April crime statistics [10 minutes]

* Community walk on April 19; Checkers business response [5 minutes]
* Update on April 23 hit-and-run death of Crysta Spencer; traffic calming response [10 minutes]
* Incidents near 10th and H St NE [5 minutes]

* Dr. Richard Lytle, special assistant to the president of Gallaudet University will address the school’s recently changed policy for off-campus student behavior. [15 minutes]

* Determine additional locations, dates and volunteers for flyer distribution [5 minutes]

* Citizen Police Academy Update [5 minutes]

* Break into neighborhood groups to address specific issues through Partnership for Problem solving; MPD officers and coordinator will help rotate to guide discussions, make plan. Meet with officers. [30 minutes]

**** PSA 102 meetings enable residents and police to discuss, identify and take action against crime and other quality of life issues in the community. The meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at the Sherwood Recreation Center, 10th and G Streets NE. 7-8:30 p.m. Tell your friends and neighbors! ****

FOR INFORMATION ABOUT PSA 102, photos, crime maps and more go to

David Klavitter
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Lt. Barbara Hawkins
Metropolitan Police Dept.

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