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Foot and Bike Patrol Beats in PSA 102

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Among the sworn officers assigned to PSA 102, the following foot and bike patrols have been assigned to specific areas within our community. These beats are based on 30-day crime patterns and projected fall increases, and were revised on 10/20/2007.

>>>>> 800-1300 block of H ST NE
MIDNIGHT SHIFT: Officers L. Cummings and K. McAbee
DAY: Officers A. Williams and S. Ferris
EVENINGS: Officers F. Caudle and K. Fersner

>>>>> North side of H St. NE / 800-1000 block of 10th St NE, including I, K, L, and Kent Place NE
MIDNIGHT SHIFT: Officer K. Johnson (mountain bike)
DAY: Officers W. Hanbury and S. Brown (footbeat)
EVENINGS: Officers I. Thermidor and R. Mazloom (mountain bike)

>>>>> 800-1300 block of Maryland Ave NE, including 600 block of 10th, 11th, and 12th St. NE
MIDNIGHT SHIFT: Officers C. Harmison and O. Aremu (footbeat)
DAY: Officer M. Creek (footbeat)
EVENINGS: Officers M. Pitts and J. Knapp (footbeat)

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