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PSA 102 August Meeting Report

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PSA 102 August Meeting Report
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
7-8:30 p.m.
Sherwood Recreation Center

Special thanks to Anne Phelps, ANC6C04 commissioner, for taking these notes!

* Welcome and agenda overview; greetings
* August 7 National Night Out recap
* Review June crime statistics, burglaries
* PSA 102 hot spots
* Business emergency information/cards as backup to alarms
* Revert back to former staffing arrangements; summary of PSA 102 staffing levels
* Block captain recruitment
* Break into neighborhood groups to address specific issues through Partnership for Problem solving; MPD officers and coordinator will help rotate to guide discussions, make plan. Meet with officers.


* Welcome – Dave Klavitter, PSA Citizen Coordinator and Lt. Hawkins, PSA 102
Lt Hawkins’ Announcements:

- Reminder that there are no anti-loitering laws, so other than talking to youth hanging around outside, there is not a lot MPD can do.

- Remember to lock your doors. If you come home and find you’ve been burglarized, back out and call MPD. Most crimes appear to be happening late evenings and midnights, but daytime seems to be happening at shift change. Also be sure to repair and secure broken doors, windows, etc. because burglars will come back.

- Dave Klavitter reminded people that the MPD web site lets you see crime statistics in your neighborhood. View D.C. crime mapping tool online.

* National Night Out recap:

- Sherwood Rec Center was location for 1D’s main event
- Photos of the event were passed around including images of games, music, food, and PEPCO’s demonstration of power line safety
- PSA 102 officers did a great job.

* Crime Stats: Volunteer, Roger Mattiolli reviewed crime stats from last 90 days. PSA 102 had 40% of the burglaries. Roger is hoping additional resources are assigned to the PSA in response to the rise in crime. View D.C. crime mapping tool for crimes near your home.

* PSA 102 hot spots: Sherwood Rec Center representative voiced concern about the “entertainment” establishments on H Street, specifically between 8th and 15th Streets. Lots of young men are being seen circling the block to get in contact with inebriated customers hanging outside. Need to pressure owners too, it’s not just a residential issue; it is also economic viability, safety of patrons, etc.

* Business and Emergency Contacts: PSA 102, Dave Klavitter and others are going to work with H Street Main Street and businesses to make certain the emergency contacts for each business are updated. This was recently a problem for response to Sidamo Coffee and Tea (H St. btw 4th and 5th) when they were recently burglarized.

* PSA 102 Staffing: 10 hour shift for officers revealed fewer officers on the street. Chief Lanier immediately re-evaluated and returned back to 8 hour shifts on August 5th. Such changes in s short time did affect placement and patrols and limited effectiveness of burglary tack unit. Lt. Hawkins indicated that officers are back on track now.

* Block Captain Recruitment: Need more block captains for PSA 102. Dave is working to build a kit to hand out to new block captains. If anyone is interested in volunteering to be a block captain, contact Dave Klavitter at

* Other:

* Public notice of application for new and renewed Alcoholic Beverage Licenses for:
- Beg Investment, LLC, “Twelve,” Retail Class “C” Tavern, 1123 and 1125 H ST, NE
- Spotlight Productions, LLC, “Spotlight Café,” Retailer Class “CX” Multipurpose Facility, 1333 H ST, NE
- Anais Bar & Lounge, LLC, “Anais Bar & Lounge”, Retail Class “C” Tavern, 1363 H ST, NE
- The 116 Inc., “116 Club” Class Retailer CX Club 01, 234 3rd ST, NE

Notices are provided so that any objectors are entitled to be heard before the granting of a license. Petition and Hearing dates vary. Hearings are at 10:00 a.m. on the 7th floor, suite 7200, 941 North Capitol ST, NE. Petition and /or request to appear before the board must be filed on or before the petition date. For more information, visit the ABRA website.

* Another sex offender is back in the PSA 102 neighborhood. The D.C. MPD sex offender registry also is available online.

* There is a solid lead on the Chrysta Spencer hit and run case.

Note: U.S. State Department attended with gentleman from South African to observe and learn about neighborhood policing so he can take information back to S. Africa.

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