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April 11, 2006 PSA Meeting Minutes

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
7-8:30 p.m.
Sherwood Recreation Center

Sgt. Rice, MPD Sexual Assault Division
Lt. Ron Wilkins, MPD Focused Mission
Lt. Sharon Mcinnis, MPD, PSA 102 LT
Alphonso Coles (MPD Community Outreach Coordinator)
David Klavitter (PSA 102 Citizen Co-Coordinator)
Marc Lesnick (PSA 102 Citizen Co-Coordinator)
Roger Mattioli (previous PSA coordinator and current PSA 102 statistician)
Other Community Members and MPD Officers

* Meeting minutes, charts, photographs and more can be accessed on the PSA 102 website at

>>> MINUTES <<<
* SEXUAL ASSAULT ALLEGATIONS posted on an online community listserv were addressed by MPD Sgt. Rice. He was sent by Commander Groomes to discuss community concerns about an alleged sexual assault that occurred in the 900 block of 8th ST NE the previous weekend. He stated that there are no other assaults that appear to be linked to this incident, and that the MPD would notify the community if there was any evidence that pattern of assaults was occurring.

He said because of the difficult nature of investigating sexual assaults, an investigation was ongoing to determine if a crime had occurred. If it is determined that a crime occurred, charges will be filed.

Lt. Mcinnis praised the online listservs and blogs as important communication tools for the community. However, she cautioned residents to be careful about posting allegations as factual information, especially when police investigations are not complete.

THE MPD FOCUSED MISSION TEAM IS THE MAIN ENFORCER OF VICE LAWS explained Lt. Ron Wilkins from First District Focused Mission. He said the goal of Focused Mission is the enforcement of vice laws, especially those relating to the sale and use of illegal drugs.

Lt. Wilkins

His group is comprised of 19 officers and two sergeants, and they work throughout the First District to make arrests at locations that have been referred to them by other officers, the community, or their informants. Because of the limited resources of the group, they must prioritize their operations to the areas/individuals that are most important.

Lt. Wilkins explained:

* Focused Mission makes about 100 arrests per month, and they obtain about four arrest warrants per month;

* He stated that he would consider using a community member's house as a base of operation to observe criminal activities only as a last resort;

* He recently lost the officer who specialized in working on nuisance abatement properties- he hopes to replace the officer soon;

* He reminded the attendees that there is no anti-loitering law in D.C., and that only individuals actually engaged in criminal activity are the focus of his group;

* His group was also the one responsible for parking the police van around different parts of the district. The van does appear to have a temporary effect on loitering and crime, but must be moved frequently to maintain effectiveness.

* Residents wanting to call attention to a house involved with drugs, an open air market, or an individual that they believe are selling drugs, should contact PSA 102 Lt Mcinnis, who will relay the request to Focused Mission for prioritization.

ACTION ITEM: The PSA coordinators and Lt Mcinnis will track current hot spots for drug activity that the community has concerns about, and the Lt will ensure that this information is passed to Lt Wilkins for action.

A SHARP DROP IN BURGLARIES was highlighted during the April meeting. MPD Sgt Rogers, newly assigned to PSA102 as part of the MPD reorganization said just seven burglaries occurred during March--down from 26 in February and 29 in January.


Sgt. Rogers explained MPD techniques that have been effective in significantly lowering the rate of burglaries in PSA102. Several arrests were made, and one suspect is deceased

He suggests that homeowners make sure that easy to access windows on the second floor should be secured, use motion sensor lights, and if going away, ensure that mail and papers do not pile up on your doorstep

ROBBERIES continue to be a problem, but MPD is very aware and have more plainclothes officers on the streets. Focused Mission also is attempting to gain information from those arrested on drug violations.

Sgt. Rogers said most robberies occur in the evening. Most victims were walking alone.

Residents are reminded when walking anywhere in the city to stay alert--especially when listening to an iPod or talking on a cell phone--and try to walk near better-lighted, busier streets and sidewalks.

ACTION ITEM: Lt. McGinnis is planning an "Operation Fight Back" in May for PSA 102. This is a one or two block area targeted for street safety improvements and cleanup. This area needs to be one with strong neighborhood support, and that could be improved by increased attention. She said a block has been selected and will be announced soon. Learn more about "Operation Fight Back".

* Metro Transit Police are scheduled to attend the May 9 meeting to hear the community's concerns about crime at bus stops in PSA 102, and especially those on H St. NE.

* Assess burglary, robbery situation, to see if arrests have been made or stats show frequency decreasing.

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